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Post by MoonCookieChan on Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:49 am

[Warning: Contains slight Clannad spoiler]

Anime, however it seems does have some subjects of taboo.

Girls can quite easily and be expected to read Shonen manga, and also read Shojo manga quite easily.
Males read Shonen manga, the more plot and action the better.
But if a male read a shojo manga, which is well known for it's slice of life comedy style, sometimes light hearted, and of course romantic storylines, it is treated as taboo.

Personally I think it's fine to read either Shonen or Shojo manga, either gendar, but sometimes males could get strange looks if they announce they have finished Fruits Basket or Maid Sama.

Females (as stated above) are actually big fans of the Shonen category - all the drama, plot, action, fighting, and the unique characters mean that anyone can like it, so why can't it be the same the other way round with males?

True manga or anime fans won't care what gendar reads what, as long as they liked it, it doesn't really matter.
Some people can laugh at the idea of a male sitting down to cry along to a sad, touching scene in a manga, no matter the emotion involved in the manga plot.

A good example is the well-loved Clannad which is loved all around the world, especially at the
death scenes which have males and females crying alike, even gaining this comment on Youtube, the most 'Thumbed up' comment is:

I wont lie.

I cried serious man tears during this.

K i lied, I surpassed mantears.. to woman tears.. MAYBE EVEN WOMAN
TEARS.. DAMN IT I CRIED BABY TEARS MAN... :CCCCC i teared up alittle
just rewatching this :c

What is interesting is that the anime is from a boys perceptive and yet aimed at girls.
The same can be said with Rosario + Vampire, and though not from a boys perceptive, Vampire Knight.
The whole purpose of manga though, is to enjoy it regardless of the gendar and type of manga.


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