Rozen Maiden?

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Rozen Maiden?

Post by Naiwen on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:58 am

Title: Rozen Maiden?

Genres: Shojo, Fantasy & Fairytalesque

Summary: Some guy had to fight against some dolls & etc... because they (the dolls) thought of him as too petulant & too childish. So to correct his manners or etiquette, the dolls came alive to torture him & torment him too.

Likes about it: Well, I've liked the magical, fantasy elements in thar, some of them like the dolls coming alive & etc.

Unlikes about it: Still too immature & childish, too kiddish an Anime. These points aren't to my tastes nor my fancy or my liking much so yeah. Still worth a watch & your time too.


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