Magic Knight RayEarth, by Clamp

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Magic Knight RayEarth, by Clamp

Post by Naiwen on Sun Jun 17, 2012 2:04 am

Title: Magic Knight RayEarth.

Genre: Magical Girl, Drama, Tragedy, Shojo-romance.

Plot: Some girls from Japan went to another world called Sephiro, & became their Magic Knights & their defenders. & One of them chose to be the pillar of Sephiro.

Rating: 9/10.

Thoughts: Really liked it as its by Clamp, one of my fav mangakads ever. I love the magical girl genre. Its one of my fav subgenres. Highly recommended too. Some epic & wonderful battle moments & fights too. Yumi-chan's my fav because she cooks well, & always wanted to eat or devour Mokona. Mokona can't talk nor speak, & its so cute. A cuteball. XDD

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