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Post by MoonCookieChan on Thu Oct 06, 2011 2:42 am

Comment Replies: Naiwen: Never thought of that, but the biggest and best anime forums don't even have affiliates!
They have so many posts it makes me reluctant to join, *laugh*.

Frog: And the graphics are fine, but the theme is pre-made for all Forumotion users, which means I need unique graphics with actual anime characters.

Anyway, so my post today:

Am completely bored, have just realized I need to do a pile of forum work!
So, I'm going to drag myself to several promotion forums and ask for graphics in the hope someone will be bothered to upload 11 images to a banner. -.-

Just came back from the library with eight new mangas, including Death Note and Naruto, and so on.
It should last me for a day or two, so I'll go back soon. It's just the matter of waiting for the mangas to arrive.

Made some white hot chocolate from scratch by melting white chocolate with milk - yummy. ^^


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