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Post by Keizo on Sat Mar 24, 2012 10:27 am

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The Purpose of Anime Galaxy

Galaxy is a Roleplaying Game which focuses on levels and experience,
it's based on a forum and the plot is controlled by the members
themselves, it is totally unique and able to be changed at any moment or
notice. We have a unique character creation and grading system, we
treat all our members fairly and we make sure to get to any ungraded
characters as fast as possible. This site doesn't rely on a plot, it
relies on the actions of the members and their characters, sometimes an
evil group may appear, like the blade fragments, but other then that, it
is up to the members!

The Various Classes

are Six main types of classes you can choose from here on Anime Galaxy,
each have their own unique sub-classes with their own special talents.
As of this time, we only have these classes, but if you wish to see
more, by all means suggest a new class and we'll consider adding it. We
love to see new additions to our roster. The Main classes are as

Martial Artists

They each have their own special area of ability, so choose your class wisely when you enter the world for the first time.

Meet The Staff

staff on this site aren't so mighty that they don't have time to chat
with you members, on this forum, you guys know whats right, and we're
here just to enforce the simple rules that this forum already has. If
you ever want to talk, or discuss a problem, we'll be there to help you,
don't hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance!

Important Topics

may be wondering how exactly to get started on this site, thats a very
good question, and I'm going to direct you to the two most helpful
threads on this site for helping beginners.

Site FAQ

Beginners Guide to the Galaxy


sum up this oh so very long advertisement, I'd like to say your welcome
here anytime to visit and you don't have to join if you don't want to,
just take your time and be positive, we're a friendly Roleplay site that
focuses on quality rather than activity ^^

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Anime Galaxy - The Untold story Empty Re: Anime Galaxy - The Untold story

Post by Keizo on Mon Mar 26, 2012 4:08 am

4.2k Total Forum Posts Reached.

66 Members Reached.

Multi-Layout Option Possibly in the works.

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