Poem: Winters Reign

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Poem: Winters Reign

Post by MoonCookieChan on Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:24 am

Winters Reign

Throne of ice, misty blue
Crown of frost, snow, and sleet
Living mirror of glass and silence
Blanket of frozen tears.

Air tastes of peppermint, a shiver
The wind bites and screams
Curses from sharp icy gleam
A fountain in every piercing thought.

The Winter King stands to reign
His eyes of blazing snowstorms
The scent of sparkling crystals
His skin bitter of blazing silver.

The Ice Palace appears with delicacy
A sculpture of stars moulded forever
To breathe away ice and frost at the end
For snowdrops come to mourn Winter.

Anyway, this poem was something I came up with last year. It got published/shortlisted for a poetry competition, but otherwise I didn't go further with it.


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