Recruiting Staff Notice

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Recruiting Staff Notice

Post by MoonCookieChan on Sat Jan 21, 2012 5:14 am

This is a notice to all staff.

Whenever new staff is recruited, the forum owners/administrators do not have to give notice to other staff unless they have doubts or want to ask if anyone has any information as to whether the member should be added or not.

If we find that either staff are complaining about the staff or ranting about recruting staff without notice to them then they could recieve a caution.

This might not seem very fair, but the final decision goes to the forum owner.
If you have reason why a staff member should not be a staff member, please open up a inquiry, making a topic in the appropriate staff forum orcontact the forum owner either by PM (private message) or email.

Thank you for reading this announcement.


PM me if you need any help, or if you wish to join the website, forum, or chat staff.

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